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Dr Alistair Davey

Director and Founding Chair

Alistair Davey specialises in the economic analysis of trade practices, competition policy and regulatory instruments. He has previously advised prominent firms involved in the oil industry, credit/charge card insurance, retailing, agriculture, electricity generation, as well as various NGOs, industry associations and Commonwealth and State government agencies.


Alistair has been an economic consultant for over 15 years, prior to which he worked for the Australian Government, serving as the competition and microeconomic advisor to the Treasurer from March 1996 until June 1999. He also served as a Director in the mergers and acquisitions branch of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) from June 1999 until September 2003.


Alistair has considerable expertise in undertaking economic research and providing policy advice to government in a diverse range of areas. He was primary architect of the Family Taxation Initiative, the main policy initiative of the Coalition parties during the 1996 election campaign and later implemented by the Australian Government in the 1996 Budget. Alistair also advised the Australian Government on reform of the downstream petroleum industry and the removal of prices surveillance announced in July 1998 after more than 40 years of price regulation.


Alistair holds a Master of Commerce from the University of Melbourne and a professional doctorate from the Australian National University.

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